Since our beginning in 1947, Martin’s Super Markets has had partnerships with local growers, farmers and producers. We continue that commitment today by featuring locally produced products throughout our stores. Products grown, raised or directly produced in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio or Illinois are identified with a “Buy Fresh. Buy Local.” designation for your convenience. We strive to be our communities’ best and most accessible resource for locally produced food products.  See below for a list of our current “Buy Fresh. Buy Local” partners. 


Butcher Shoppe  

Bob Evans (Lima, OH potatoes and MI sausage)

Bob Evans Farms is a brand born and raised on the promise of farm-fresh goodness.  For more than 60 years the company has been making delicious, quick-to-table farm-fresh foods that are sold in grocery store

Bridgford Meats (Chicago, IL)

For over 80 years, the mission of Bridgford Foods has been to develop, produce, sell and distribute superior quality food products that provide a consistent value to the customer.

Buddig-Kingsford (Chicago, IL)

Proud to be entering the fourth generation of family ownership, Buddig shares a commitment to upholding the quality of the Buddig products you know and love.  Including Kingsford products also.

Elkhart County 4H Fair (Goshen, IN)

For decades, Martin's meat directors have been a significant contributor to the lifestock sales at the annual 4H county fair.  Beef purchases benefit 4H members scholarship programs.  In addition, Martin's stores sell the processed meats to customers who also support the program while enjoying locally produced meat..

Indiana Packers Corp (Delphi, IN)

For the finest, best-tasting, full line of pork products, the Indiana Kitchen brand is crafted on one simple principle: Local is fresher is better.

Ossian Smoked Meats (Ossian, IN)

Ossian meats are made from only the finest ingredients and are hardwood smoked for a distinctive, old-fashioned flavor.

Mariah Foods (Columbus, OH)

Mariah Foods is best known for bacon and hams.  The company is a specialist in pork products of exceptional quality.

Miller's Amish Country Poultry (Orland, IN)

A company of dedicated, faithful people producing naturally grown poultry in an ethical and effient manner for consumers who appreciate wholesome, great-tasting food. 

Maple Leaf Farms/Milford Valley Farms (Leesburg, IN)

Since 1958, Maple Leaf Farms has been producing innovative, value-added duck products of unequaled quality.

Mishler Packing Co. (LaGrange, IN)

Quality meats from Northern Indiana's Amish Country.

Troyer Foods (Goshen, IN)
Troyer's was founded in 1948 by Al and Elroy Troyer.  They supply quality, locally sourced pork products to Martin's Super Markets, as well as a large line of other food products. 
St. Joseph County 4-H (St. Joseph County, IN)
Martin's purchases, at open auction, livestock that has been raised, then annually shown and judged, at the St. Joseph County 4-H Fair.  The meat is processed and then packaged for sale during a limited time period each year in St. Joseph County Martin's stores.  4-H fresh meat is identified with a 4-H "four clover" green seal on each package. 
Superior Foods (Grand Rapids, MI)

Superior Foods began over six decades ago with dedication and commitment to fresh and quality products.  The company has expanded over the years, but its commitment to quality has never changed.  Providing dips, cocktail sauces, fresh water fish and Lake Superior fish.


Bake Shoppe

Martin's Bake Shoppe (Mishawaka, IN)

Martin's donuts, cakes, large cupcakes, select cookies, creme pies, French bread, cinnamon rolls, hot dog and hamburger buns are all made at our Central Bakery in Mishawaka, Indiana. 


Nuevo Leon (Hammond, IN)

Committed to producing the most authentic tasting tortilla products in the market while maintaining a pro-customer attitude and the highest quality standards of tortilla preparation.

Fairlife, LLC (Fair Oaks, IN)
Dairy farms who believe in better.®  With flagship farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana, fairlife provides high quality real milk that is filtered for more natural nutrition.  It's a part of a promise to take exceptional care at every step.
Martin's (Fort Wayne, IN)
Some Martin's brand dairy products are processed to our exact specifications by local processors.  Local products include Teas and Sweet Teas; Milks; Sour Cream; and Cottage Cheese. 
Prairie Farms (Fort Wayne, IN)
Farmer-owned Prairie Farms Dairy has provded the freshest, highest quality dairy products for over 70 years.  Local products include Teas and Sweet Teas; Milks; Sour Cream; and Cottage Cheese. 
Martin's Fresh Eggs (Versailles, OH)
Martin's brand fresh eggs are laid by hens at Weaver Brothers, Inc., established in 1929.  It is a third-generation family farm still owned and managed by the founding family, with the fourth generation now working in Versailles.  The company is fully integrated, featuring grain production, a feed mill and egg production and processing. 


Reny Picot (Benton Harbor, MI)

For over a decade, a leader in the American specialty cheese market, thanks largely to signature products such as Brie and Camembert.

Deutsch Kase Haus (Middlebury, IN)

Deutsch Käse Haus (Translation: German Cheese House) was started by a local Amish gentleman by the name of Ralph Bontrager in 1979. In its early days, the company made both longhorn style and barreled cheeses. It was in 1986 that Deutsch Käse Haus began focusing exclusively on longhorn, stirred curd cheeses, and they have been masters of the craft ever since. Evidence of this is backed most strongly with Deutsch Käse Haus’ award at the 2000 World Cheese Maker’s competition for the world’s Greatest Colby.

Das Dutchman Essenhaus (Middlebury, IN) 

Owners and founders Bob and Sue Miller share products that showcase the time-honored tradition of sharing a meal together.

Martin's Signature Gourmet Popcorn (Granger, IN)
Martin's hand-pops a special Indiana-grown popcorn to make a one-of-a-kind gourmet treat.  Deluxe Caramel, Cheese and Marvelous Mix are just a few of the many custom flavors available.  Varieties also vary by season.  Available for special order, and packaged in multi-serving  bags, as well as in larger tins, Signature Popcorn is perfect for any occasion.  Makes a deliciously unique gift, too!
Guggisberg Cheese (Millersburg, OH)

Founded in 1950, Guggisberg Cheese produces award-winning cheeses, including Emmental Swiss, Baby Swiss and Colby and other stirred-curd cheese from production facilities located in Ohio and Indiana.

Flower Market

Gladiolas (Michigan) 

Gladiolus from fields in the state of Michigan are cut fresh and shipped to our stores in season.

Frozen Foods

Cole's Quality Foods, Inc. (Muskegon, MI)

Tasteful since 1943, Cole's Quality Foods is a leader and innovator of frozen bakery products.  The family-owned company produces a complete line of frozen garlic bread products.

Home Run Inn (Woodridge, IL)

Featuring frozen pizzas made with all-natural ingredients, homemade sauces and sausage without a single additive or preservative.

Gino's East Pizza (Carol Stream, IL)

Featuring fresh ingredients, cheeses, spices and signature crusts in a variety of frozen pizza options.

Hudsonville Creamery and Ice Cream Company (Holland, MI)

Started in 1895 as a farmers' cooperative, the privately-owned company sells premium ice cream in grocery stores and ice cream parlors in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois.

North Star Frozen Novelties (West Lafayette, IN)
North Star Frozen Treats are proud to provide a full line of over 100 novelties and frozen dairy treats, including single serve and bulk novesties.
Martin's Ice Cream (Carlinville, IL)
Ice cream varieites bearing the Martin's name are produced in a facility located in Carlinville, Illinois.


Produce Market

Anonymous Amish Farmers (Middlebury, IN)

Small, Amish farm families in Northern Indiana grow and sell their specialty crops directly to Martin's Super Markets' Director of Produce, Ed Osowski.

Anonymous Farm (Dowagiac, MI)

For a number of years, a local Michigan farmer has supplied Martin's with a springtime favorite - local asparagus.

The Blueberry Store (South Haven, MI)

The Blueberry Store is located in South Haven, Michigan and specializes in all things blueberry!

Clearspring Produce Auction (LaGrange, IN)

Independent growers combine during the Midwestern growing season so that retailers may market their investments.

Dale Yoder Farms (Goshen, IN)

Farmer Dale Yoder grows a variety of native Midwest crops for Martin's Super Markets, including but not limited to bi-colored sweet corn.

Daniel Yoder Greenhouses (Goshen, IN)

In-door grower of herbs and green leafy produce of all types, including lettuces.

Dave Pagel Produce (Benton Harbor/Berrien Springs, MI)

This family farm is located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, which provides a moderate micro-climage ideal for growing a wide varity of produce.

Garwood Orchards ( LaPorte, IN)

A family-owned orchard and grower specializing in apples, cider, sweet corn and autumn squash.

Green Field Farms (Wooster, OH)
Established in 2003 to revitalize Amish family farms by growing fresh and healthy foods.  Featuring organic and specialty products that are naturally raised and produced by Amish families who want to farm the land for generations to come.
Green Sense Farms (Portage, IN)
Vertical growers of leafy greens, specializing in herbs and microgreens.  Also specializing in unique herbs such as lime basicl and other favorites.
Hochstetler Farms (Nappanee, IN)
Contact grower of pumpkins for Martin's Super Markets.
Kercher's Sunrise Orchard (Goshen, IN)

Specializing in the bounty of northern Indiana orchards, especially a Midwestern favorite - fresh apples! 

Laney Honey (North Liberty, IN)

Laney Honey is unpasteurized, unfiltered and minimally processed.

Mario's Salad Dressing (Elkhart, IN)

Mario's Catering has bottled its signature salad dressing, and it's available to you in our Produce Market.

Michael's Farms (Urbana, OH)

Founded over 50 years ago, Michael's Farms is one of the largest family farms in Ohio, with over 2,500 acres in plantings.  During the Midwest growing season, the farm produces sweet corn, green beans, potatoes and cabbage.

Schilling's (EauClaire, MI)

Schilling Farms Cold Storage specializes in deciduous tree fruits.  It was established in 1978.

SuReal Farms (Westfield, IN)

Bruce and Alison Van Natta grow several varieties of blackberries on their 28-acre property just north of Indianapolis.  Their berries are not only featured at Martin's stores, but are also used by local wineries and other specialty retailers.

Vite Farms (Buchanan, MI)

This farm is renowned for its delicious cream and sugar sweet corn and fresh picked green beans.

Yoder Popcorn (Topeka, IN)

In 1936, Rufus Yoder started growing popcorn on his family farm, and the rest is local history.

Green Spirit Farms (New Buffalo, MI)

Green Spirit Farms grows vegetables using indoor vertical farming techniques in New Buffalo, Michigan. This allows them to grow 24/7-since 2012. Their use of Omega Garden technology uses significantly less water than conventional farming and typical hydroponic growing systems. They grow their vegetables using carbon neutral or renewable energy. Their products can be found in Martin's Produce Markets when available.

Sustainable Local Foods (Indianapolis, IN)

Utilizing a tiered vertical growing system, the company grows produce items which are organic.  Operating out of a repurposed warehouse, SLF's methods consume 1/10 of the water that is required by conventional farming.  In addition, the water used is recycled.  


Harrietta Hills Trout Farm (Harrietta, MI)
Harrietta Hills Trout Farm is a family-owned and operated fish farm started in the 1950s.  Harrietta Hills specializes in the production of Rainbow Trout, with Brook Trout and Brown Trout available seasonally.  Expect the Best!


Albanese Candy (Merrillville, IN)

For over 30 years, Albanese has been making the World's Best Gummies and Candies.  The company puts flavor and texture first, always finding a better way and never taking itself too seriously.

Aunt Millie's Bakeries (Lowell, IN)

Aunt Millie's celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2001.  Today, special attention is given to customer service, and the company's goal remains "perfection."

Bimbo Bakeries (Ellkhart, IN)

Bimbo Bakeries is known for its well-regarded brands, innovative products, freshness and qualify. 

Claeys Candy (South Bend, IN)

Three generations of Claeys Family Candy Makers have been satisfying consumers with their delicoius confections: Chocolate Charlie, Old Fashion Hard Candies, Gourmet Fudge and many more.

Lewis Bakeries (LaPorte, IN)

Lewis Bakeries is one of the few remaining independent bakeries in the Midwest.  It is an honest, hard-working, traditional Midwestern comany devoted to producing high-quality products.

South Bend Chocolate Company (South Bend, IN)

With 17 locations in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, South Bend Chocolate Company is the fasted growing chocolate company in the nation.  The chocolate factory is located on Sample Street in South Bend.

Carbon's Golden Malted (South Bend, IN)

Like many companies with a long and proud heritage, the F.S. Carbon Company had a humble beginning.  The year was 1937 in Buchanan, Michigan. Fred S. Carbon had a simple idea. Mix malt and some special ingredients into pancake and waffle flour and make a better batter. Customers loved it and soon Carbon's was on the road to success.

Ben's Soft Pretzels (Elkhart, IN)

Ben's Soft Pretzels was founded in early 2008 by a local business man, Brian, a local pretzel fanatic, Scott, and a local Amish Baker, Ben.  Brian and Scott took the old Amish/Dutch recipe that Ben and his wife had perfected and brought it to the public as Ben's Soft Pretzels, LLC. Ben has been baking pretzels and other Amish baked goods for years and is a third generation Amish baker.

Seyfert (Ft. Wayne, IN)

Seyfert opened its doors in 1934, with Charles Seyfert making everything himself. Now, miles and miles of conveory elts carry the raw ingredients, cooked snacks and bags of goodies from one area of the plant to another.  Pretzels, chips, popcorn, puffs and curls are just some of their favorites!

Steve's Gourmet Confections (Elkhart, IN)

Steve's Gourmet Confections opened on Bristol Street in Elkhart, Indiana in 2007. The company's original mission was to make delicious, quality chocolates for locals to enjoy. Since then, the company's product line has expanded and includes distribution to select local retailers, including Martin's.

Troyer Farms Snack Foods/Seyfert's (Ft. Wayne, IN)
Founded in 1934, Troyer supplies Seyfe  rt's brand corn puffs and cheese corn puffs to most Martin's stores. 
Tuscany Tom's Popcorn (Elkhart, IN)
Founded by Tom Graber in 1992 originally as a way to make land he owned produtive while it awaited possible commercial development, the popcorn soon became popular with employees and friends.  The company donates all the profits from Tuscany Tom's to local non-profit organizations.  


Chateau Grand Traverse (Traverse City, MI)

Northern Michigan's premier winery and vineyard destination, located on beautiful Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan.  A  family-owned and operated winery producing a wide variety of award-winning wines.

Leelanau Wine Cellars (Omena, MI)
Founded in 1974 by the Jacobson family.  Producing award-winning wines in Michigan's Wine Coast with the goal of creating quality, consumer friendly wines, affordable to everyone.
Lemon Creek Winery (Berrien Springs, MI)
Lemon Creek Winery is a family owned and operated artisanal producer of estate grown wines.  The farm, first established in 1955, is now home to 150 acres of vineyards and 21 different wine grape varietals.
Oliver Winery (Bloomington, IN)
Making approachable and satisfying wines that capture the flavor of high quality fruit.  Oliver Winery believes that winemaking is a fundamentally simple and natural process.  Winemaking is about capturing flavors.  The best way to do that is to make wine in the gentlest way possible.
The Round Barn Winery, Distillery & Brewery (Baroda, MI)
For more than 30 years, dedicated to making wines, brandies/vodka and microbrews.  Using time-honored traditions, artfully expressed with a "new world" twist, they offer experiences unlike any others.
St. Julian Winery (Paw Paw, MI)
For over 92 years, the Winery has produced award-winning products.  The family tradition that has flourished transforms grapes to wine, fruit to nectar, as passion and science converge bottle after bottle, case after case.
Tabor Hill Winery (Buchanan, MI)
Tabor Hill Winery produces award-winning wines in the rolling hills of Southwestern Michigan Wine Country.
Domaine Berrien Cellars (Berrien Springs, MI)
Established in 2001, the winery is nestled among grapevines on the family's 80-acre farm.  All of their handcrafted wines are made on-site from their own handpicked, estate-grown grapes.  Proud member of The Rhone Rangers!  Not available in all stores.
Fenn Valley Vineyards & Wine Cellars (Fennville, MI)
Family owned and operated, producing premium estate-grown, handcrafted wines since 1973.   Combining a unique climate, age-old winemaking techniques, and the best of modern technology to create award-winning wines of distinction.  Capturing a taste of the Lakeshore in every bottle.  Not available in all stores.
12 Corners Vineyards (Benton Harbor, MI)
12 Corners Vineyards was started by a small group of friends who grew up in Michigan and recognized the uniqueness of a site just four miles off Michigan's famed "Gold Coast."  Wines are made on a 115-acre estate planted with both vinifera and hybrid grapes.  Not available in all stores.
Easley Winery (Indianapolis, IN)
Today, second-generation owners Mark and Meredith Easley continue the family tradition of creating and selling award-winning wines and sparkling wines made right in the heart of Indiana.  Easley Winery offers 20 or more offerings depending on the year and season.  Not available in all stores. 


Goose Island Beer Company (Chicago, IL)
Founded in Chicago in 1988 by John Hall.  Goose Island produces a wide variety of beers in Chicago, as well producing select varieties at brewing facilities in other cities. 
3 Floyd Brewing Co. (Munster, IN)
From humble beginnings in 1996.  Using sound techniques, the finest ingredients and innovation, the brewer strives to make the best and most memorable beers.
Bell's Brewery, Inc. (Kalamazoo, MI)
Begun in 1985, it has grown into a regional craft brewery that employs more than 330 people over a 20-state area.  Their goal is to bew thoughtfully, creatively and artistically, striving to bring an authentic and pleasant experience to all customers. 
Upland Brewing Co. (Bloomington, IN)
Based in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, Upland represents the pioneering and independence associated with the heady mix of cultures and contraditions that call Bloomington home.
Triton Brewing Company (Indianapolis, IN)
Co-founded by Jon W. Lang and David M. Waldman, Triton Brewing Company is a creative outlet in the form of a traditional, community-based production brewery located in the heartland of Indiana.
The Round Barn Brewery (Baroda, MI)
The newest creation of The Round Barn company, micro-brews were added to Round Barn's already-acclaimed family of wines, brandies and vodkas in 2007.  Production started with kegs.  The brewery then added 750ml bottles in 2008 and has most recently moved to 12oz bottles in 2009.
New Holland Brewing (Holland, MI)
Honoring those who put imagination, creativity and inspiration in their work.  New Holland's beers and spirits pair pefectly with a blank canvas, fertile soil, a blinking cursor, an empty plate or the hint of a spark in someone's eye. 
Saugatuck Brewing Company (Saugatuck, MI)
Started in 2005, production brewing was began in 2008-2009 with an expansion referred to as the "Brew House."  The company predicts continued growth and expansion throughout the United States.




18 Vodka (Mishawaka, IN)
18 Vodka is an all-natural spirit made from 100% rye at a distillery located on Grape Road in Mishawaka, Indiana.  18 Vodka is made entirely on premise, from grinding, to mashing, to fermentation, to distilling and finally bottling.