Martin's Pharmacy

Convenient refills while you shop

We can fill your prescriptions quickly and conveniently while you shop.  We'll have everything ready for you when you check out!  What could be easier?

Friendly service with a smile

Martin's pharmacists make time to answer your questions and provide advice when it comes to your medication.  They're also a great resource for over-the-counter medication suggestions. 

Every one of Martin’s licensed pharmacists has years of experience and knowledge in the field. So when you have a question or concern, you can feel comfortable talking to one of our trained professionals to get the information and advice you and your family need.

A Martin’s pharmacist can even assist you in choosing an over-the-counter treatment or medication when that option is available. Just ask for a consultation at the pharmacy counter.

Email us with questions or complaints.  Or, consult a Pharmacist at any Martin’s Pharmacy.

Visit the FDA website for information about how to properly dispose of unused medications.

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